Advantages To Publishing an eBook First

Sep 09

What are the results of self-publishing that matter most to you? Is it the speed of getting your book out? The opportunity to have the broadest access to all distribution channels? Lower printing costs? Total creative and marketing control? A book to sell to add to your business toolkit?

At the very least, these decisions are about your wallet first. You've got to  be really clear about what you want to accomplish with the book, and the realistic expenditure that goes along with that.

To test the waters, for example, and spend less money at first,  begin with an eBook. That will cost you far less than print book digital production. Then with a strategic online marketing approach you can attract your niche community and test the market.  Not sure who your target audience is? Or if they are comfortable with e-books? There are millions of users of e-readers today, including readers using tablets and smartphones, and these readers are only increasing.

Another advantage to publishing the e-book first is that you can continue to edit the book. But don't plan on this! At best, you want a professionally edited, completed manuscript to go forward from the beginning. Also, you can treat this first edition as the advance reading copy (ARCs). This way you can solicit peer comment and endorsements (for eventual back cover copy) before pushing the button to print hard copies. Rather than ticking off set-in-stone services you require from the menu of a POD packager — and having less control over the outcome —  use a knowledgeable book coach to guide and coordinate the steps and vendors for you, and get your book published your way.

For more about the step-by-step self-publishing process, consider registering for my four-evening Self-Publishing Group Clinic to be held on a telephone bridge line beginning September 27, 2011 9:00-10:00 PM EST to answer many self-publishing questions. I will take you — step-by-step — through the entire Publishing Timeline as well as through a Promotion Timeline. The group will be limited to ten people.

More information about the Self-Publishing Clinic

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  1. When you say an e-book can be treated as an advance reading copy and can still be edited, the little pleasure centers in my brain go ding, ding, ding! As you know, endless editing is one of my little addictions; the more I have invested in a story/novel, the more I want to "perfect" it. This seems an important theme of my blog, particularly the last two posts.
    Better submit this comment soon, or else I'll have to edit it!

    • Laura, thanks so much for your honest comment! Ding, ding! Aren't you tempted to give even a shorter, reasonably finished piece a try?