Amazon Launches the Kindle Cloud Reader

Aug 10

We've barely caught our breath after last week's high tech announcement of the next new gadget… now Amazon comes through with its (expected) new e-reader, the Kindle Cloud.

As author-publishers we ask, what does this mean for me? Does this mean I have to not only keep track of what I need to do to have my yet-to-be-published e-book be available on Sony, on the basic Kindle, on the Nook, the iPad and Apple's e-bookstore? I have a new Amazon device to contend with! What are the parameters? What browsers will carry this new software and make featuring my e-book(s) possible? I better look into this.

From my book publishing coach perspective, this announcement is good news. Dorothy Nicholls, director at Amazon Kindle, pitches this launch as Amazon's 'Buy Once, Read Everywhere' mission, according to today's PW Daily. Because the Kindle Cloud is an HTML5 reader — a reader with great flexibility — we independent publishers need only build one application and our book will be readable across the board. This new reader promises to adapt to whatever platform anyone is using.

Amazon has effectively bypassed Apple's purchasing system — and their 30% commission — as well as offering both an online and offline reading experience. See you at the airport!

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