Look For 5 Key Characteristics When Hiring Your Self-Publishing Team

October 4th, 2011 | Self Publishing Options | 1 comment

1. Deep experience. It’s vital that you don’t serve as the guinea pig for a vendor-in-training. You will already face a learning curve with every book publishing contractor you hire. And that increasingly expensive list does not include your marketing. You probably would benefit from hiring a publicist. However, unless you are currently involved in — or at least open to — social media, you will miss out on worldwide promotional online opportunity if that publicist is not experienced in social media. No matter who you include on your publishing team, you are looking for track-record professionals.

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How fast are eBooks catching up with print book circulation at libraries?

September 23rd, 2011 | Traditional Publishing Options | 2 comments

Until now, library-lending of eBooks through eBook vendor OverDrive worked only with ePub-enabled devices (like the Nook, the Sony Reader, iPads and smartphones). Until now! Amazon and OverDrive have just announced a new service which will allow public library-lending via the Kindle and the Kindle app. This new deal will increase general demand for eBooks exponentially — a major boon for libraries as well as for independent eBook author-publishers.

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Advantages To Publishing an eBook First

September 9th, 2011 | Self Publishing Options | 2 comments

What are the results of self-publishing that matter most to you? Is it the speed of getting your book out? The opportunity to have the broadest access to all distribution channels? To test the waters, for example, and spend less money at first, begin with an eBook. That will cost you far less than print book digital production. Then with a strategic online marketing approach you can attract your niche community and test the market. Not sure who your target audience is? Or if they are comfortable with e-books? There are millions of users of e-readers today, including readers using tablets and smartphones, and these readers are only increasing.

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Self-Publishing: The Step-by-Step Actions To Take

August 24th, 2011 | Self Publishing Options | Comments Off on Self-Publishing: The Step-by-Step Actions To Take

The decision to self-publish is a lot about what future of publishing you want to embrace. For example, if your would-be readers seem to be migrating into digital, then you know creating a simultaneous e-book goes along with publishing a print book. I am offering a four-evening Self-Publishing Group Clinic on a telephone bridge line beginning September 27, 2011 to answer the many self-publishing questions. Step-by-step I will take you through the entire Publishing Timeline as well as through a Promotion Timeline. The group will be limited to ten people.

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Amazon Launches the Kindle Cloud Reader

August 10th, 2011 | Self Publishing Options | Comments Off on Amazon Launches the Kindle Cloud Reader

We've barely caught our breath after last week's high tech announcement of the next new gadget… now Amazon comes through with its (expected) new e-reader, the Kindle Cloud. As author-publishers we ask, what does this mean for me? Does this mean I have to not only keep track of what I need to do to have my yet-to-be-published e-book be available on Sony, on the basic Kindle, on the Nook, the iPad and Apple's e-bookstore? I have a new Amazon device to contend with! What are the parameters? What browsers will carry this new...

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