Marketing Your Book: It’s All About Your Target Audience

Jun 05

Getting a handle on your book’s target market can be a challenge. Who specifically were you writing for, as you wrote the book? Who is your book’s message going to connect with? Will your book solve problems for someone? Have you zeroed in on your ideal readers’ demographics, lifestyle, worldview? Here are a few tips for considering these questions.

Let’s say you’re a woman author and memoir is your category. Of course, memoir as a category by itself is too broad. So what is the particular life experience you were compelled to write about? Maybe you navigated the quirky politics of a southern California town, contributing to preservation of magnificent land and natural resources? ? Or, yours is the story of an Israeli war widow whose unimaginably brutal wartime experiences resulted in positive transformative life changes?

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Why We Blog, and Tips To Keep Us Inspired

May 07

The Frequency Question: How often do you blog? Following are thoughts for those of us who are not easy, ardent bloggers. We are authors and author-publishers whose marketing challenge is to find our niche book community. Our aim is to identify who will want to read us. We seek fellow book/e-book travelers to dialogue with — the goal is list building — for when our book offer or webinar or event is ready to roll. What, then, is an effective rate of blogging in order to significantly increase online public visibility as an author? Once a week? Three times a week? Twice a month?

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25 Ways To Promote You And Your Business

Apr 01

by Maggie Klee Lichtenberg, Business and Personal Coach Article for Small Publishers Association Of North America newsletter copyright © January 1999 Start with a change you'll need to make if you plan to be successful: Get over being shy. Have the mindset to consistently take initiatives. Never stop. It's not enough to create one brilliant direct mail...

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