Want to Be a Published Author? 7 Reasons to Publish an E-book First

Jan 04

Spend less — go the E-book route first. Production for the physical book plus the digital printing can come later, once you’ve tested the market, made desired revisions, and collected additional endorsements. Are you still hung up on the idea that E-book publishing isn’t “real” book publishing? The answer to this is that nowadays everything is simply content, and there are many legitimate forms in which content can be offered. View your inaugural E-book as just the first published representation of your content. And remember, there is a growing number of readers out there who don’t think twice about reading E-books instead of print books.

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Authors: Get Past Your Facebook and Blogging Challenge With One Strategic Move

Dec 02

If you’re new to promoting your book through social networking, the goal should be to establish yourself with fellow travelers in your niche community. For example, let’s say your book is in the Irish-American historical fiction subgenre. You are a newbie, this is your first book, and you are a complete unknown outside your family and friends. Your goal is to seek other Irish-American history buffs who are really looking forward to your book—except that they don’t know it yet because they haven’t met you! Here’s one self-contained activity that just requires a setup and not a whole lot of time.

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Marketing Your Self-Published Book: What’s Holding You Back?

Nov 10

What is it about promotion that’s distasteful to you, that holds you back from moving forward? To help push past inertia, let’s look at ten sample marketing initiatives, then see if you can say Yes to three of them.
The good news is that YOU are the best spokesperson for your book. You have lived with, and know, the material deeply. You are your book’s champion. After months of writing and rewriting, you long to get this book out into the world. So, carpe diem! Grab the chance to share your book!
1. Open up. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Start with one change you simply must make if you plan to be successful in marketing your book: Get over being shy.
2. Join a local Toastmasters group. Set a goal to become more comfortable with public speaking. Toastmasters programs (or an equivalent) can be incredibly supportive for anyone who fears public speaking.

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Don’t Lose Heart for Self-Publishing Your Book

Oct 28

Question: Do I really need to spend so much money to independently publish my book?

The answer depends on what you hope to achieve and how much work you’re willing to put into it. Technically, becoming a small publishing company—an author-publisher—is easy. You choose a publisher name and open a bank account, and if your state has a Home Occupation License requirement you file for one. In practice, however, it’s not so simple. So let’s take a closer look: What are the additional steps you need to take before bringing your book into the world?

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Look For 5 Key Characteristics When Hiring Your Self-Publishing Team

Oct 04

1. Deep experience. It’s vital that you don’t serve as the guinea pig for a vendor-in-training. You will already face a learning curve with every book publishing contractor you hire. And that increasingly expensive list does not include your marketing. You probably would benefit from hiring a publicist. However, unless you are currently involved in — or at least open to — social media, you will miss out on worldwide promotional online opportunity if that publicist is not experienced in social media. No matter who you include on your publishing team, you are looking for track-record professionals.

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Advantages To Publishing an eBook First

Sep 09

What are the results of self-publishing that matter most to you? Is it the speed of getting your book out? The opportunity to have the broadest access to all distribution channels? To test the waters, for example, and spend less money at first, begin with an eBook. That will cost you far less than print book digital production. Then with a strategic online marketing approach you can attract your niche community and test the market. Not sure who your target audience is? Or if they are comfortable with e-books? There are millions of users of e-readers today, including readers using tablets and smartphones, and these readers are only increasing.

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