Self-Publishing: The Step-by-Step Actions To Take

Aug 24

The decision to self-publish is a lot about what future of publishing you want to embrace. For example, if your would-be readers seem to be migrating into digital, then you know creating a simultaneous e-book goes along with publishing a print book. I am offering a four-evening Self-Publishing Group Clinic on a telephone bridge line beginning September 27, 2011 to answer the many self-publishing questions. Step-by-step I will take you through the entire Publishing Timeline as well as through a Promotion Timeline. The group will be limited to ten people.

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Amazon Launches the Kindle Cloud Reader

Aug 10

We've barely caught our breath after last week's high tech announcement of the next new gadget… now Amazon comes through with its (expected) new e-reader, the Kindle Cloud. As author-publishers we ask, what does this mean for me? Does this mean I have to not only keep track of what I need to do to have my yet-to-be-published e-book be available on...

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POD (Print-On-Demand) Publishing

May 02

What is “POD” Publishing? Print-On-Demand Publishing is a digital technology through which Internet packager firms offer a full range of author services within a choice of set fees. There are now hundreds of these companies and many do not deliver what they promise. It is extremely important to research each prospective firm, to read their boiler-plate contract, and to assess how much control (or not) you will actually have after signing up with one.

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Apr 18

The advent of electronic publishing lost steam for a while and now is back with a vengeance. There are many E-reading devices (Sony, Kindle, Nook, iPad, smart phones etc.), and there are more and more E-publishing and distribution opportunities — through Amazon, Smashbooks, the iPad, the iBookstore, to name a few. Every day is a change game. Just recently Amazon...

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Independent Publishing

Apr 11

Why take on assembling the experts you need (a book publishing coach, an editor, a cover and interior designer, printer, distributor, etc.) to go it alone? Why not hold out until a traditional publisher offers you a contract? Because in our current difficult economy that contract offer may never come. Typically, if you are not of semi-celebrity status or you have...

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