How fast are eBooks catching up with print book circulation at libraries?

Sep 23

Until now, library-lending of eBooks through eBook vendor OverDrive worked only with ePub-enabled devices (like the Nook, the Sony Reader, iPads and smartphones). Until now! Amazon and OverDrive have just announced a new service which will allow public library-lending via the Kindle and the Kindle app. This new deal will increase general demand for eBooks exponentially — a major boon for libraries as well as for independent eBook author-publishers.

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Traditional Publishing

Apr 25

At first glance, we all might want to be published by a traditional publisher, preferably one with name recognition. It's sounds easier, cheaper, and surely more professional. The publisher assumes all publishing responsibilities, particularly footing the bill. And, oh yes, "they" will do your book's marketing too . . . To pursue the traditional...

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Independent Publishing

Apr 11

Why take on assembling the experts you need (a book publishing coach, an editor, a cover and interior designer, printer, distributor, etc.) to go it alone? Why not hold out until a traditional publisher offers you a contract? Because in our current difficult economy that contract offer may never come. Typically, if you are not of semi-celebrity status or you have...

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