How fast are eBooks catching up with print book circulation at libraries?

Sep 23

Until now, library-lending of eBooks through eBook vendor OverDrive worked only with ePub-enabled devices (like the Nook, the Sony Reader, iPads and smartphones). eBooks created through ePub did not work on the Kindle device. Until now! Amazon and OverDrive have just announced a new service which will allow library-lending via the Kindle and the Kindle app.

This new deal will increase demand for library eBooks exponentially. Already, even without the availability of the Kindle to be your e-reader, demand for eBook check-outs has surged over the last two years, according to OverDrive, which manages the vast majority of public library eBook lending. Now Kindle users will be able to access their local library's website to select a book and simply choose the "Send to Kindle" option to borrow it for the two-week lend period.

No one can predict of course how much eBook library-lends will increase because of the additional Kindle borrowing option. However, it is crystal clear that this is a huge boon for public libraries. Amazon's Kindle is on the road to popularizing the consumption of eBooks even more.

If your local library doesn't offer eBook lending yet, you may want to talk with them about it.

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  1. Pam Pokorney Suwinsky /

    Nice article, Maggie! I'll repost it on some of the sites I inhabit.

  2. eBooks are definitely growing in popularity but they are still lagging behind printed books depending on your target market. I just launched my new book, "Living the Life of Your Dreams – The Secrets to Turning Your Dreams into Reality" in all eBook formats and as a Print On Demand book. Amazingly soon after launch, the book was awarded the eBook of the Year 2011 in the Inspirational/Visionary category! Since my audience is primarily for women and men over 35, I thought that many more print books will be sold. For the first six weeks of sales, printed books are outselling eBooks by 5-1 which is about what I thought. It will be fascinating to see how the sales ratio develops over the year. Check back in and I'll let you know what happens over time.