How to Get Published

Let's compare the basic differences between forming your own company — taking on all the responsibilities of a traditional publisher yet running the whole show — versus becoming attractive enough financially to rein in a traditional commercial publisher contract.


Getting Published — Traditional Publishing Independent or
"Self" Publishing
You "sell" your book proposal to an agent or a publisher You are CEO from the start
Publisher has own sales force — you receive national distribution You will have the challenge of hiring a distributor
You will give up some creative + marketing control Total creative + marketing control
Publisher can take book out of print at any time Books can stay in print as long as you want
Potentially more book sales Potentially more profit per book
Sub rights pursued for you Pursue serialization, book club, audio, electronic, foreign translation, etc. yourself
Fewer upfront expenses (after freelance editor, book proposal writer-editor, maybe a publicist) You foot the whole bill
You partner with publisher for PR, though most publishers barely do minimum PR You do all the marketing and PR


Are you a good candidate for getting published?

__ Large target audience

__ Don’t mind a 2 to 2 ½ year process

__ Willing to do the research to write a solid proposal (or hire a writer)

__ Want broad distribution

__ Show you are willing to seriously participate in national PR and marketing


Are you a good candidate for self-publishing?

__ You have a niche or small target audience

__ Want a 9-12 month timeline

__ Want to maintain creative control

__ Willing and able to make production decisions or get help

__ Willing to take full responsibility for sales and marketing or get help