Independent Publishing

Apr 11

Why take on assembling the experts you need (a book publishing coach, an editor, a cover and interior designer, printer, distributor, etc.) to go it alone? Why not hold out until a traditional publisher offers you a contract?

Because in our current difficult economy that contract offer may never come. Typically, if you are not of semi-celebrity status or you have not established a national "platform," a publisher (or agent) believes they cannot "sell" you, and therefore cannot visualize a profit from investing time and money in your book. Here are 7 persuasive reasons to "self" publish:

  • There's far more potential for profit when you independently publish
  • You are the CEO of your newly-formed company, you run the whole show
  • You maintain complete creative and business control
  • You can get your book produced faster — in 6-12 months vs. 2-3 years
  • You can keep it in print as long as you like
  • You retain all rights
  • You promote yourself as the expert you are

On the other hand,

  • You do foot the whole bill
  • There is a steep learning curve for first-timers
  • There are a lot of details to organize and to keep track of — plus many potential hidden expenses
  • You will need to learn about today's publishing industry and its seasonal cycles
  • An abundance of time, energy, money and passion is required
  • Hiring a publishing coach or mentor is highly advisable

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