Look For 5 Key Characteristics When Hiring Your Self-Publishing Team

Oct 04

1. Deep experience. It's vital that you don't serve as the guinea pig for a vendor-in-training. You will already face a learning curve with every book publishing contractor — whether you are working with a cover designer, a developmental editor, a book publishing coach, a website or back cover copywriter, an interior book designer, an eBook conversion specialist, a digital printing company and so on. And that expensive list does not include your marketing. For example, you may benefit from hiring a publicist, a substantial additional cost. So unless you are currently involved in — or at least open to — social media, you will miss out on worldwide promotional online opportunity if that publicist is not experienced in social media. No matter who you include on your publishing team, you are looking for track-record professionals.

2. Expertise. You want experts! You want each book publishing professional to serve as a trusted sounding board within their expertise. It's even better if the expert has the big picture overview as well. An expert book publisher, book coach or mentor — someone who has run a small publishing company independently — fits this bill. You could be cheating yourself contracting with someone with only minimal "publisher" experience.

3. Flexibility. How will this professional be to work with? Are they willing to change course if you find it necessary? Say, you contract for one set of revisions (i.e., cover comp, or back cover copy) and it's clear you want another direction after all. Include wording for flexibility in your written agreement for this possible outcome.

4. Delivery accountability. Who have you spoken with so far, who may have recently employed your prospective freelance hire, to further check out this prospect? How well were schedules kept? Did s/he make the deadlines? Of course you have to stay on top of delivery promises too. Such is the tedious but necessary ritual of continual follow-up.

5. Heart. "You've gotta have heart! Miles and miles and miles of heart." You want a good match in every case, between you and the professionals you are working with because your project is so dear to your heart. If someone is cool to your subject matter but highly skilled at the contract position you have open, are you comfortable with this? If you really want partners who love and believe in your project, go with your instincts and hold off until that special person appears.

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