Meet Maggie

Maggie Lichtenberg, PCC, is a book publishing coach and an award-winning independent author. She mentors new and experienced authors to create a step-by-step process for successfully completing, publishing and promoting their books.

Maggie’s  20-years of experience in the mainstream New York and Boston publishing industry give her clients a unique perspective on publishing a book. She has worked as an editorial, marketing and sales executive for a variety of large publishing houses, including Beacon Press and Simon & Schuster.

While being employed by a company like Simon & Schuster may carry a lot of panache, Maggie found it was tough to work there. If you were spotted at the elevator bank at 7:20 PM,  you felt disloyal for not spending half the night in your office. At the time the office politics were intense, and she was not a natural at politics. This scenario existed at most of the prestigious companies she worked for.

So it's not surprising that one day Maggie came home very late from work at Beacon Press in Boston, looked in the mirror, and asked the stressed face that looked back at her, "Is this it? There's got to be more than this! There has to be more satisfaction, more life fulfillment to be gained than operating in overdrive and accumulating a pile of money that languishes in a bank.” She decided it was time to treat herself to a health spa.

Maggie, Ghost RanchMaggie went to Tucson, Arizona, to Canyon Ranch. She signed up for a walking meditation at sunset and had a powerful "ah-ha" experience. "I could live here!" she kept saying to herself. Then, after dinner that evening, she went to a talk that was presented by a "spiritual and business coach." He talked about choice, about choosing the lives we want, and how to design them. She hired him immediately. He supported Maggie to "quit corporate America,"  to open a business created out of her own expertise (book publishing coaching), to move to the environment of her dreams, the Southwest, and to live a life she loved.

Maggie knew she wanted to be her own boss. Yes, she had been thriving during the past seven years in a job co-running a major publishing company. However, the Southwest kept calling. Maggie knew if she could just get herself there, a whole new life awaited. She resigned her position.

Maggie was attracted to coaching, to being independent professionally as a life choice, and to building her own business. She enrolled in an international coach training program, Coach University, and started to coach immediately through colleagues' referrals, pro bono at first. By July 1995 she said her good-byes to family and friends, and flew to New Mexico to take up residence in Santa Fe.

Fifteen years later Maggie is still as in love with the Southwest as she was when she arrived. In addition to her thriving book coaching business, she authored and published an award-winning book. She chose to publish independently — adding to her mainstream publishing experience — which provided her with the author-publisher experience firsthand.

Today, in a world of many overwhelming book publishing options to choose from, Maggie has grown her business beyond the traditional publishing focus. She mentors authors on the many-faceted  book publishing choices:  independent and digital publishing, "self" publishing through print-on-demand (POD) companies, and new online opportunities (books, apps, blogs) for e-Publishing. Maggie guides her clients through a strategic step-by-step process to realize their publishing dreams.