POD (Print-On-Demand) Publishing

May 02

What is POD Publishing?

Print-On-Demand Publishing is a digital technology through which Internet "packager" firms offer a full range of author services within a choice of set fees.

Basic Internet Packager Offer

When working with a POD firm you must ask the questions: What is included? What is not included?

Here is a basic list to use with a customer service contact person. You'll also want to study the company's boiler-plate contract, usually found online, before you meet with a company representative.

Editing & Design services
Cover concept
Interior design
Illustrations (Color? Black & White? Charts? Side Bars?)
Trim sizes
Pricing the book
Author's cost to purchase their book
Turnaround time from setup to bound book
Marketing options
E-Book conversion

Top 5 Questions to Discuss with POD Firms

  • Non-Exclusive Agreement
  • Complete (C) Copyright Control
  • Your Own ISBN
  • Distribution Opportunities
  • Profit Split

It's very important to be clear about the differences between your two "self" publishing options. Compare POD Publishing to Independent Publishing — see what you get and see what you won't get! Taking the time to educate yourself, to see what's really involved, will be worth your time in spades. An experienced book publishing coach can guide you with expertise through this labyrinth.

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