Self-Publishing: The Step-by-Step Actions To Take

Aug 24

Once you've made your decision to independently publish, getting a grip on the big picture action steps is a challenge. Obviously, to begin, you need to have a completed manuscript. How do you know you're complete? You've worked with a developmental editor, you've written, you've edited, you've rewritten. You've sought out peer and professional review. You've taken recommendations to heart, you've revised yet again, and now you consider you are ready for a copy-edit. Facing the whole project of self-publishing, however, a little voice says you better first estimate what this will cost, and determine where the money is going to come from.

You'll need to engage an editor/copy-editor, but then who? If you want to stay truly independent — and not resort to fixed menus from digital packagers — you'll have to round up all the other people: cover designer, interior designer, compositor, proofreader, indexer, printer. This can be a big struggle on your own, especially as a first-timer. Unless you hire a book publishing coach with great resources and experience to coordinate the entire effort, you can easily find yourself at sea.

The decision to self-publish is a lot about what future of publishing you want to embrace. For example, if your would-be readers seem to be migrating into digital, then you know creating a simultaneous e-book goes along with publishing a print book. I am offering a four-evening Self-Publishing Group Clinic on a telephone bridge line beginning September 27, 2011 to answer the many self-publishing questions. Step-by-step I will take you through the entire Publishing Timeline as well as through a Promotion Timeline. The group will be limited to ten people.

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