Why We Blog, and Tips To Keep Us Inspired

May 07

The Frequency Question: How often do you blog? Following are thoughts for those of us who are not easy, ardent bloggers. We are authors and author-publishers whose marketing challenge is to find our niche book community. Our aim is to identify who will want to read us. We seek fellow book/e-book travelers to dialogue  with — the goal is list building — for when our book offer or webinar or event is ready to roll.

What, then, is an effective rate of blogging in order to significantly increase online public visibility as an author? Once a week? Three times a week? Twice a month?

Tip #1: There's no one right answer to the frequency question.

Even if we blog more often than the next person, with what frequency does our intended audience actually spend time on their social networking? And on which social media? This is a question I ask myself. And, I hear lots of groans from my book publishing clients who don't always know where their next good blogging idea will come from. Plus, my clients don't want to give up precious work-week time. Yet as authors our objective is to get noticed, to be OUT THERE. So the answer becomes, be out there with a blog post frequency that works for you, and be consistent. To increase that public visibility, you simply must schedule regular blog creation time into your calendar.

Tip #2:  Content is King.

The marketing reach of your blog is potentially huge. You want to be providing great content. Stuck for what to blog about? You have all that content from your book (even if still in manuscript format) to adapt! If non-fiction, create stand-alone pieces  anywhere from 300-700 words per post. If fiction, craft a stand-alone episode with a provocative title.  We grab more readers and subscribers if we have an optimized, catchy post title. You can of course plan to reuse the same material in a future online newsletter, making the marketing time you spend overall more time-efficient.

Tip #3:  You want ideal readers coming directly to you and onto your list.

How do others accomplish this? Set up some Google Alerts to see who else is writing in your niche. Find those bloggers and check out how they hook the reader into a book sale (or not). Then take a relationship-building approach:

  • Leave positive comments on several bloggers' posts
  • Become interactive and participate as a community member; join online Groups
  • Once your commenting presence is established, it's not a stretch to bring up your book
  • Offer to guest blog
  • On your blog, request feedback or peer review from a free chapter offer
  • Be out there! Request an endorsement, or book review

With more and more prospective fans — and list generation ongoing — your blog will prove to be one of your most important marketing tools. Please feel free to contact me to design a customized approach to fit blog-writing time into your weekly schedule.

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  1. Hi, Maggie. Love that you encourage blogging only as frequently as feels right. I've just decided on every two weeks, not only for my comfort but for that of my subscribers. I've noticed that posts arriving weekly from blogs I've subscribed to feel too frequent. "Didn't I just hear from you?" is what I often think. Twice a month seems often enough that we are neither forgotten nor turn into pests!

    Also, another idea for adding subscribers easily: Every time I send an email, often in reply to one I've received, I take the opportunity to include a link and invite the sender to visit my blog. It seems obvious but I've quadripuled my readers in a short time with very little effort.

    • Maggie Lichtenberg /

      Suzanne, thanks so much for your comment. I especially like your suggestion to include a link to your blog in email responses!