What results can I expect while working with Maggie Lichtenberg?

As my client you will save time and energy. You will avoid the pitfalls that lead to unnecessary spending and stress. By partnering with a well-established 35-year publishing industry veteran, as well as an award-winning independent author, you will learn how to:

  • Choose the right publishing option for you once we review the four basic publishing routes
  • Create a customized roadmap to establish the step-by-step process required for completing, publishing, and distributing a book
  • Educate yourself to learn what is really involved
  • Budget an amount for a realistic expenditure for the coming 9-12 months, and hold yourself accountable to it
  • Cultivate the top five attributes it takes for an author to successfully complete, publish and market a book
  • Potentially save thousands of dollars by clarifying and refining your options — making decisions easier and on target
  • Integrate your next year into a realistic time frame that resonates with your professional and personal plans
  • Take advantage of my innumerable resources
  • Set your book apart from competitive titles
  • Select promotion and marketing activities that fit who you are
  • Overall, you will have a sounding board at every turn, helping you to examine all options, and empowering you to make the best possible choices and decisions for you and your book every step of the way.


How is Maggie Lichtenberg different from other book publishing coaches?

There are three main factors that make me different from other publishing specialists:

1. I have sat on all sides of the publishing desk. I spent 20 years in mainstream New York and Boston publishing in senior executive positions at companies like Simon & Schuster and Beacon Press; I am also a journalist, an independent publisher, an award-winning author and a book publishing coach. This wide-ranging experience gives me unique perspective on what comprises successful book publishing, and makes my big picture perspective invaluable to my clients.

2. Though I came from a traditional publishing background, I chose to independently publish my own books recognizing that — if you knew the ropes — you could potentially make a lot more money than through the traditional low-royalty-payout route. That's one of several reasons I champion independent and other forms of self publishing.

3. I support my clients who want to publish a book, like I did, to make a difference in the world — to make a contribution, to be of service, to fulfill their perceived "assignment," or perhaps, just to entertain.

Who does Maggie Lichtenberg work best with?

My clients want to publish their books because they have something profound and important to say, often a service that they want to share with the world. They regard book publication as a means to contribute to the growth and higher profile visibility of their business. My clients are both new and experienced authors who may be working in all kinds of day jobs to support their writing and publishing dreams. They may be self-employed seasoned professionals, entrepreneurs, independent niche publishers, coaches, consultants. They have in common:

  • Enthusiasm and energy for getting a book out, sooner than later
  • Serious about a subject (non-fiction) or a genre (fiction)
  • Clear about what they want to accomplish by publishing a book
  • Willing to put their project on a "front burner" schedule
  • Willing to learn about the complex realities of the publishing industry today
  • Willing to pay what it takes to work with an expert guide and mentor

I am selective in choosing my clients, just as you should be in choosing a book publishing coach. You must be ready to invest your publishing passion in time, energy, money and most of all in perseverance. Even though together we will come up with a step-by-step timetable for publishing and promoting your book, it's a complex process and requires substantial effort to arrive at the finish line.

How does coaching work?

Coaching happens over the phone from anywhere in the world through a series of customized phone appointments. The calls can be arranged either on an "as-needed" consulting basis or pre-scheduled in a customized action program, for which a three-month commitment is required. We begin by getting a handle on exactly where you are in your process — then creating a roadmap and a realistic time frame for you to accomplish your goals.

How much does coaching cost?

My clients need to be in a position to afford both a coach/mentor, and to publish and promote their book(s). I offer several packages depending upon whether you are looking for a publishing coach or general consulting services. I am happy to explore what would best support you during a FREE half-hour Discovery Session.

What happens during the Discovery Session?

The Discovery Session is an opportunity to get to know each other and to feel out if we are a good match. We'll explore your challenges and concerns, and we will see if I can help you override difficulties in order to bring your publishing process through the important next steps that will insure you get successfully published.

I want to work with you, how do I get started?

Terrific! Contact me so we can set up an appointment to discuss how I'll be able to help you with your challenges with the publishing process while saving you time, energy, unnecessary spending and stress.

I am not ready to get started yet, but I would like more information in order to publish and promote my book. What do you suggest?

Grab your free copy of my report "How to Get Published: 5-Steps to Making Your Publishing Dream Come True."

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