What Clients are Saying about Coach Maggie Lichtenberg

"I doubt I'd be a published author today without the coaching and connection help afforded to me by Maggie Lichtenberg. She was unfailingly supportive, knowledgeable, clear and focused. I left each call feeling armed to tackle the next phase of the writing-to-publishing process. And Maggie hooked me up with high quality professionals to add to the project team. I am both grateful to and respectful of Maggie Lichtenberg."

— Marian J. Thier, author of C.L.U.E.S: Real Stories, Powerful Solutions, Practical Tools (Nicholas Brealey Publishers)

"Writers take notice! Help is here. If you are in the midst of writing a book, trying to lash together a book proposal, or struggling to finish a manuscript on deadline, I strongly recommend enlisting Maggie Lichtenberg’s assistance. I know that in my case without her patient coaching and friendly, informed support, I would have never completed my book on time or had the courage to write with the honesty I knew I had in me. Book writers need coaching as much as expectant Moms. Maggie is a midwife extraordinaire. Call her today, set up your first appointment, and get busy on that dream."

— Tom McMakin, author of Bread and Butter: What a Bunch of Bakers Taught Me About Business and Happiness (St. Martin’s Press)

"Maggie worked magic for me. Helped me gain valuable insight into myself and the writing process, recommended helpful books and authors, and encouraged me to participate in writers’ groups and workshops. No, I’m not published yet. But I love what I’m doing and where my writing is going."

— Gerry Mandel (St. Louis, MO)

"When I first heard Maggie Lichtenberg speak at a book marketing seminar, I thought, 'This person has much to offer.' I was right. In the ensuing months, Maggie has worked with me both as a book publishing consultant and as a personal coach. She's a real pro in both roles. I had heard of personal coaches, but until I met Maggie, I had not realized what a positive force a personal coach could be in making sense of our over-scripted lives. Because she has sorted out her own priorities, she knows the territory personally. I highly recommend her for either or both tasks — book consulting or personal coaching."

— Lynnell Burkett (San Antonio, TX)

"The contrast between my life today and my life when I started working with Maggie as my coach 18 months ago is so startling that I sometimes have to stop and pinch myself to make sure what's happening now is real and not a dream. Maggie was instrumental in getting me to focus on what I wanted my life to look like twelve months down the road and helping me to identify what concrete steps I needed to take to get there. Then, in our weekly conversations, she provided emotional support and continued to be a catalyst for change by nudging me to take at least one of those steps a week so that I was always making progress–progress which gave me even more incentive to keep going. Though I still make my living as a journalist, I'm now writing fiction regularly. On the basis of that work, I was accepted this summer in a competitive week-long fiction writing conference, where a literary agent I admired invited me to become his client for both my fiction and nonfiction writing. On a personal level, I have embarked on the kind of relationship I described in my original "wish list" for Maggie. So these days, when I find myself humming because I'm so joyful, I send grateful thoughts toward Santa Fe."

— Andrea Rock (Croton-on-Hudson, NY)

"The ten months I invested in coaching with Maggie to publish and market my first book have changed my life! Book in hand, publicity and distributor in place, I’m ready for the formal release of my book with confidence, enthusiasm and the knowledge I need to succeed. Maggie was particularly helpful in guiding me to be realistic about what I could achieve and what resources I should invest in this project. Maggie guided me through the challenging process of securing a contract with a distributor — absolutely essential, and I don’t think I could have done this on my own. Her inside knowledge of the book publishing industry is extremely valuable.

— Kelly DuMar, M.Ed, author of Before You Forget — The Wisdom of Writing Diaries for Your Children (Red Pail Press, Sherborn, MA)

"Maggie, I hope you understand how much I appreciate your guidance over the past few months. Your coaching is unique and a very much needed service. I really felt shepherded through unfamiliar terrain and it was wonderful to have you with me. I believe that your coaching was instrumental in helping me to get book offers, to make a good contract better, and ultimately to select the right publisher to sign with."

— Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, PCC, author of Building Your Ideal Private Practice (W.W.Norton & Company)

"I hired Maggie Lichtenberg to help me find a publisher for a book that I was co-authoring. Although knowledgeable about my own subject area (architecture), I had never written a book before and had no idea as to how to get it published. Maggie coached me in writing a good proposal and in targeting the proper publishers. She was focused and expeditious in her suggestions and feedback. This resulted in two serious contract offers, which Maggie also helped me negotiate. I highly recommend Maggie to anyone serious about getting a book published."

— Paula Baker, co-author of Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Guide for Architects, Builders, and Homeowners (InWord Press)

"Maggie: About three years ago you reviewed a manuscript I sent to you and gave me great encouragement. I don't know the title at that time, it changed so many times! It was the one, among the scores that you surely have read, that began with the small boy's father going off to World War II. Your encouragement was very helpful to me and I went on to find an agent and a publisher at Fulcrum. I saw your name this morning in the New Mexico Book Association's Libro and thought happily of that boost that you gave me."

— Craig Barnes, author of Growing Up True: Lessons from a Western Boyhood (Fulcrum Publishing)

"As a Canadian I had few local options for Publishing Coaches but when the referrals kept mentioning Maggie I knew I had made the right choice. In addition to knowledgeable she was professional, personable, and did what she promised. She was integral to my book writing journey."

— Norm Quantz, Alberta, Canada, MA-Counseling, author of "It's All About Power and Control: Why Relationships Fall Apart and What It Takes To Put Them Back Together Again" (Peppertree Press)

“Working with Maggie enabled me to develop a long-range marketing plan that I would never have been able to conceive of by myself. My short three months of time spent coaching with her is an investment that will be with me for years to come.“

— David LeRoy, author of The Siren of Paris

"I'm so happy I found Maggie!   I had done a lot of research of my own about self-publishing and thought I understood the process, but when I started to work with Maggie I realized how beneficial it was to work with a professional and experienced person like her to help me effectively navigate through the process.    Maggie genuinely cares about her clients' project and is trustworthy and practical.   Her best contribution for me was demystifying the 'print-on-demand' model."

— Marcela Mendez

“To call her ‘coach’ is to belittle what she does for a writer—let’s call Maggie Lichtenberg a project manager, director, administrator—responsible for planning, organization, resources and attaining goals. Let’s call her a magician.”

— James Redfearn, author of The Rising at Roxbury Crossing


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